Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brittney and Molly

Brittney and Molly are two of my best friends, who are the most bubbly and outgoing girls ever! They wanted to take some photos together before they headed off to college and this is just one of many to come. Every girl should have a glitter photoshoot and we had fun throwing and blowing glitter as well as putting it on their eyes. They are gorgeous and I had a blast shooting them!

This is one of the most precious photos I have taken to date. I love how the photo is so genuine.

Hair Flipping!

Absolutely s t u n n i n g !

I love how both of their hair is ombré but with different colors. It makes for a cool effect in photos.

Prom Pic (:

I love having the opportunity to take photos of my best friends. They are comfortable in front of the camera and are willing to do anything I throw at them!

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